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Jason Camilletti

For Peters Township School Board

A career fighter pilot, leader, and public servant.  I am running for Peters Township School Board to give the taxpayers the best return on their investment and to give parents a voice.  This is our community, and your voice should matter!


Our country lives and dies by the character and strength of our schools.  The political landscape in our country is a hot mess.  In this regard, being a military officer was a gift because I had to be apolitical, and it allowed me to hear all sides without prejudice or bias.  In fact, as I was leaving the military community I led in England, numerous folks across the political spectrum told me they appreciated and respected my leadership during challenging times.

This does not mean that I do not have strong convictions – I do.  But I have seen firsthand that Americans have more that unite us than divide us.  We need credible leadership to help us sift through the garbage that predators on social media play on.  Simply, we need sane people to engage in governance.

The Leadership Our School Board Needs Right Now

About Jason

A career fighter pilot and three-time commander, my family and I moved here from England to grow roots.  While in England, I commanded the largest US fighter jet base in Europe, where I was responsible for the warfighting readiness of four fighter squadrons and 6,000 airmen, plus all supporting elements to include 10,000 family members and five schools (K-12).  I served on active duty for 23 years, retiring as a colonel.  I am currently the CEO of PathNet, a digital pathology company. 

My wife, Meredith (Yuss—1997 PTHS grad), and I have two kids in the PT schools, so we have a personal stake in our schools’ success.  I look forward to earning your vote and being an ambassador for your families and our township.

Why Jason?

I fight for what is right and I know how to navigate bureaucracies. Leadership and governance are not easy. However, I have found that transparency and honesty go very far in bridging gaps between different views. I will be transparent. I will be honest. I will listen. I will provide context and rationale for all decisions made.

During my watch as the base commander of RAF Lakenheath, I worked tirelessly to give families and airmen a voice. I have numerous case studies of how and when we were successful. For example, I am proud that families had the choice to send their kids to school for in classroom education all but nine days, despite having to thread the laws of two countries amidst global lockdowns. I also learned what not to do which is equally, if not more, important. In sum, I was always present and there for our community. If elected, I will be present and here for our community.

Final Flight

This photo was taken in 2022 after my final flight in the Air Force.  Per Air Force tradition, friends and family sprayed me down with champagne to celebrate the milestone…Meredith, Cole, and Blake enjoyed dowsing dad!


Leadership Decision Making Program
Harvard University 2019

MA Strategic Studies
Marine Corps War College 
(Distinguished Graduate) 2018

Seminar XXI, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017

MPhil Military Strategy
School of Advanced Air and Space Studies 2012


Next Generation National Security Program
Center for a New American Security 2011

Air Force Strategic Policy Program 2011

MA Public Administration
Troy State University 2000

BS Industrial Engineering
West Virginia University (Magna Cum Laude) 1999

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